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Our line of Chinese Black Pottery represents one of our most popular Asian imports. Each hand-crafted piece contains a beautifully detailed pattern. The non-glaze surface and dark black color show ancient tradition through one of China's oldest art forms.

Height: 8 inches

Pattern: Ripple

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More on Black Pottery:

As a symbol of fortune and elegance, Black Pottery was appreciated by nobles, government officials, and scholars in China at times dating back thousands of years. Throughout the dynasties, this craft has developed from a simple household item to a kind of superb, elegant, and precious art form.

Due to the its carefully selected materials, using a fine brown sediment from the Yellow River, and by hand shaping, carving, and burnishing, the artists accomplish an art form rich in metallic luster and details.

The shining pure black sheen of this pottery gives you a sense of serenity and simplicity rarely found in other types of pottery or porcelain work.